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Sir Kensington’s: Humor in Design

Sir Kensington’s is a brand of upscale condiments with a sense of humor. The company makes artisanal condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise. Among its slogans are: “more refined because it’s less refined” and “superior sauces for those with superior tastes.” A list of natural, non-GMO ingredients is the main appeal for these condiments, such as the ketchup, which is made up of “crushed tomatoes, raw sugar, and a tangy blend of vinegar and spices.”

Sir Kensington's
JRC loves the simple design of the condiment packaging, with a depiction of “Sir Kensington,” in a top hat, monocle, and moustache, appearing both dapper and distinguished, drawn in the center of the label, surrounded by clear, classic font revealing the product in all caps: KETCHUP, MUSTARD, etc. The website presentation of these products is clean and classic, paired with humor. For instance, the list of ingredients for Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise includes “eggs from well-mannered hens.” Sir Kensington’s also takes advantage of its classic style through the use of Instagram to provide images of its products in delectable poses, and this social media component has proven clever, as the Instagram account has over 11K followers.

Sir Kensington’s was started by Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan, who noted the abundance of mustards being sold and wondered if a variety of artisanal ketchups could be a success. Sir Kensington’s has also facilitated fun and interesting food events, such as a two-day exhibition in November 2014 called Fries of New York, in which one hundred fries were collected from some of the most esteemed chefs and restaurants in New York City, such as The Fat Radish, BaoHaus, and Katz’s Deli. The exhibit contained eighty-five styles of cut and fried potatoes, and French fries were chosen because they complement ketchup so well. In addition to the eclectic presentation of the fries, visitors were offered histories and samples. Along with every fry was a plaque with the name, source, and other details.

In addition, Sir Kensington’s is archiving fries from everywhere, encouraging social media users to contribute their favorite fry to Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, and asking users to tag these pictures with #classifry and @sirkensingtons, as well as give credit to the restaurant or chef. On Instagram, Sir Kensington’s has featured some of the more unique entries.